Jonathan Lee Martin

I craft exceptional software, and teach others to do the same.

As an educator, author and developer, my passion is to help developers craft their best work, achieve their personal & professional goals, and grow without bounds.

Functional Design Patterns for Express.js

Teaching design
at the speed of TL;DR

Rapid JavaScript codecasts for working web developers. Head to YouTube or read a transcript.

Functional Design Patterns for Express.js

Writing about
software design patterns

Author of the #1 new release Functional Design Patterns for Express.js: A step-by-step guide to building elegant, maintainable Node.js backends.

Training web developers
at DigitalCrafts

I guide 100+ students through their 480-hour journey in JavaScript, Node and React at Atlanta’s #1 rated coding bootcamp.

Jonathan reaches his hand into your soul and finds the question you were trying to ask even though you didn’t have the words for it.
Jonathan Martin speaking at JSConf Budapest

Speaking at conferences
around the world

Sharing makes everyone better. I’m a frequent speaker at international conferences and local meetups on web tech, design patterns and professional skills.

Does the network seem thin up here? Collaborating with CRDTs & mountaintop mesh networks.

@NDC Oslo

Async patterns to scale your multicore JavaScript… elegantly.

@JSConf Budapest

Spreading best practices
at Big Nerd Ranch

Best practices go beyond code: they demonstrate kindness. I reworked our course and blog toolchains to demolish barriers for new authors, and cut load time for our readers by 2–4x.

I collaborated on hardware projects like Remotebot — a kindly Arduino Slackbot that helps foster a remote-first work culture — and Course Correct, an augmented reality web app to aid instructors.

I travel the world as a landscape photographer.

Five years ago, I hated travel. Today, I’m taking a year long travel sabbatical to photograph landscapes around the world. I blog about these escapades on Yellowscale, my travel and photography brand.

Traveling the world
to discover unique landscapes

Amazing landscapes begin with stunning locations, and they won’t be found in cities or bucket list tourist destinations. By day I work as a developer and international trainer, but at twilight I scale mountains to discover unique landscapes.

Writing at Fstoppers
& Digital Photography School

Staff writer for Fstoppers and guest author at Digital Photography School.

Lessons From Shooting Landscapes With My First Ultra-Wide Lens


Use Neutral Tones to Craft Realistic Edits for Landscape Photos

@Digital Photography School

Vlogs & tutorials
on Yellowscale

Lighten your load. Go further. Minimalist travel tips and landscape photography tutorials every week on YouTube.

How Neutral Tones Unlock Believable Edits and Convey Drama
Struggling With a Photo? Turn It Upside Down!

Follow the year long adventure
around the world

Head to Yellowscale for landscape photography from a growing list of countries: Scotland. Wales. Ireland. England. Italy. Germany. Austria. Switzerland. Norway. Hungary. Poland.

I motivate others to pursue their goals with intentionality.

Lighten your load. Go further. The digital nomad lifestyle enables travel and remote work, but the defining characteristics are intentionality and freedom. It’s about aligning your time and money with your priorities — whether or not you travel full-time.

What is a digital nomad
& how do I become one?

A digital nomad leverages technology to work from anywhere. But more importantly, a nomad embraces lifestyle choices that free them to make decisions with intentionality.

That won’t happen overnight, so start the journey today — not tomorrow.

Traveling indefinitely
with one carry-on bag

Honing your one bag packing will help turn your dream of traveling around the world indefinitely into reality, and now is the time for you to practice.

Here’s my ultralight digital nomad packing list for travel of any duration.

Accomplish your goals
on a travel sabbatical

What if you could take a year long travel sabbatical? I’m headed overseas to invest in landscape photography — and you can too!

Funding full-time travel
with your tax return

Imagine working remotely from the Alps, living in B&Bs full-time as a location independent consultant. Sound like a dream only Phileas Fogg could realize?

As a full-time traveler, you can substantially reduce your US tax burden by claiming the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion on your tax return! Learn how tax day works for digital nomads.

Let’s do something together.

I love collaborating with others! Say hi at [email protected] or reach out on social media.