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Thank-you card from students after a 16-week bootcamp

I help developers craft their best work, achieve personal & professional goals, and grow without bounds.

Student Testimonials

  • Jonathan is responsible for one of the best learning environments I have ever participated in. It is obvious that he is a talented programmer, but more impressive is the kindness and empathy he demonstrates while teaching. His relentless positivity made coming into class an absolute joy.

    — Rachel

  • I cannot speak highly enough about his skills as a teacher. He is a true genius and brings great energy and heightened level of charisma to all of his lectures.

    — Matt

  • Jonathan was amazing. He was knowledgable, patient, prepared, and just a really good guy.

    — Aron

About Jonathan

Jonathan Lee Martin is a globetrotting educator, author and international speaker with a passion for craft. He’s trained hundreds of developers — from career switchers to senior devs at NASA and HP — in immersive bootcamps. He also helps working web developers craft exceptional code through his screencast series, TL;DR.

While waiting on npm install, he travels the world as a fine art landscape photographer.

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React, ES2017 JavaScript, design patterns, collaboration skills… I’ve trained hundreds of developers, from career switchers to senior developers at Fortune 100 companies.


Pedagogy: the art, method and practice of teaching.

When courses emphasize topic scope without regard to pedagogical approach, the result is a grab bag that entertains the learner rather than educates. This model cripples developers in both the workplace and classroom.

Over the last ten years of training developers, I’ve iterated on a pedagogical approach that blends industry-leading best practices with a highly collaborative learning environment:

  • Failure is the most effective teacher. Therefore, provide an environment that rewards failure and fearless curiosity.
  • A teacher is a learning facilitator. Therefore, facilitate self-discovery and follow with reinforcement.
  • Active learning is hard. Therefore, teach and apply one concept at a time to minimize cognitive load and promote contextual learning.
  • Exhaustive knowledge has a brief shelf life. Therefore, emphasize best practices and transmutable concepts over comprehensive scope.
  • Quality is inversely proportional to length. Therefore, be concise: it’s kindness in practice.
  • Learners are infinitely intelligent. Therefore, exercise their ability to generalize concepts and apply in new contexts.
  • Blatant magic hinders the learner. Therefore, avoid or dispel magic by first building it from scratch.
  • Premature abstraction produces impractical code. Therefore, only derive the abstract after the concrete.
  • Topics can be learned quickly; intuition takes a lifetime. Therefore, aim to transfer intuition — not concepts.

Like a well-designed app, good pedagogy becomes a transparent part of the learning process by removing obstacles to learning — including itself.

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